One Too Many Digits?

HS Codes are too vast a database to be handled solely by manpower. Manpower and technology is the more efficient choice. Toriff is the technology you need. Now you can easily find HS Codes corresponding to the product, without the hassle of unmanageable databases.

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Simplify HS Code Terminology

Remembering HS Code classifications and terminology can be a cumbersome process. Use the handy dictionary feature and customize the database to understand common terms.
Simplify, with Toriff.

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Sturdy Design Architecture

Toriff has been tried and tested; and has delivered. Customs brokers have been greatly aided in HS classification by Toriff's simplified and user-friendly interface.

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Process Many in One Go

No more agonizing over numerous codes to be processed. Upload an Excel sheet with the product names and Toriff will populate the HS Codes for each product.

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We are associate members of CSCB

Flatworld is a member of CSCBFlatworld Solutions, the parent company of Toriff, is an associate member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, CSCB.


What are HS codes?

All traded products or products that pass through international borders are liable to be taxed. To make the process to tax levying simplified and standardized, an internationally accepted system called Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System was developed by the World Customs Organization, and is used to classify all traded products. The HS Codes are a series of numbers assigned to all products for trade.

What is Toriff?

Toriff is the end-product of extensive research into HS Codes, and the obstructions faced by the customs brokerage industry. A database of such magnitude puts enormous pressure on customs brokers. Minor oversight can lead to wrongly assigned HS Codes, and subsequently miscalculated customs duties and penalties.

Toriff is aimed at streamlining the process of identifying and assigning HS Codes to products with its database of HS Codes, and the extremely-handy dictionary feature that understands that when you search for "computer", you actually mean "automatic data processing machine" in HS Code terminology.

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Our Expertise

The Toriff development team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in implementing workflow applications for Customs Brokers. The team has also built applications that are integrated with the Government Customs Department systems, applications that analyze and issue origin certificates, and applications that help in the rating of goods.

Why use Toriff?

Toriff has been developed by a team of professionals who are highly-experienced in the field of customs brokerage and HS Codes. With the foresight that memorizing HS Code terminology is a tedious and cumbersome process, the team brought forth the dictionary feature that lets you input common everyday language and link it to the actual term used in the HS Codes. Thus, Toriff acts as a bridge between the vast database of HS Code terminology and the common office vocabulary.