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Toriff was specifically developed by Flatworld Solutions to assist the customs brokerage industry. Flatworld Solutions is an associate member of the CSCB. Associate membership is granted to companies, firms or individuals that are not licensed customs brokers, but have an interest in international trade matters.

Apart from India, Flatworld Solutions has a strong base of operations set up in Grenada.

The people behind Toriff:

  • David: Is the CEO of Flatworld's Business Solutions, with extensive experience and skill in setting up businesses related to the customs brokerage industry. David is currently based in the US, and regular meetings with clients to improve our solutions.
  • Vishwanath: With a rich experience in developing products and custom software solutions, Vishwanath is the Head of Product and Custom Software Development services for the customs brokerage industry. Toriff is the end product of his extensive research and development.
  • Ajit: Heads the Customs Brokerage back office operations. He is highly experienced in working with customs brokers from the US and Canada, and has also set up and trained teams in India and Grenada.
  • Rajeev: Is the Business Development Manager for the Customs Brokerage services provided by Flatworld Solutions. He possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of clients' requirements, and coordinates between various divisions and operations to provide top-notch services to our clients.

We are associate members of CSCB

FLatworld Solutions is a member of CSCBFlatworld Solutions, the parent company of Toriff, is an associate member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers [CSCB]

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Customer Testimonial

The Toriff team has done a superb job of integrating usability and efficiency.The UI is simplistic, yet brilliantly effective. And, of course, the dictionary feature makes code-searching a breeze. Well done, Toriff!

- Flatworld Solutions Customs Brokerage Department